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Wick Hunter Binance API Trading Bot Review – 70% profit in 1 month

By Lucas

Mar 22, 2021

Wick hunter review with a whopping 70% profit in a month


This is by far the best, most satisfying and most powerful tool that I found this year.

Yes I call it a tool as you really need to spend some time to study and understand it.

Once you do though it will bring you immense returns and sense of achievement like nothing else.

There are other platforms that we will also continue trying – more of autopilot ones, this one is more of a manual one.

The way forward

As long as we’re on right trajectory – getting safe to financial freedom.

Wick hunter is a counter trend bot which means it waits for a liquidation even big enough to enter position against that trend.

Its a quick-in quick-out bot that will make you small amounts of profit from a lot of trades.

How to start

Please join the discord server to learn about it – https://discord.gg/6SYEvh4f

then register new account on binance https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=F6TZOYRT

and fill the form https://forms.gle/69g8s8PArCXvQS8M6

to ask for license activation.

The bot is completely FREE to use and once you have results you can TIP the owners – they deserve it.

The results

My results are very high, anything above 1% per day is greedy so make sure you understand the bot, assess your risk levels and dont try settings just because they promise huge returns.

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The best time to make money from passive income is now!

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