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The Honest Truth behind Crypto Passive Income in 2021

By Lucas

Jan 15, 2021

This is the video you must watch to continue on your path to success.

I am explaining as clearly as I can the plan, the strategy and the way forward to reach financial freedom in 2021.

It is not going to be easy or fast but it is going to work and even if we go through some scam companies we won’t feel a big dent in our wallet.

Remember to have at least 7 sources of income, start playing the same way as the sharks even though they have millions and you don’t (yet).

Tweak your mindset and focus on the goal.

No matter size of your portfolio – make sure to divide it and lower your risk exposure.

The first step is to buy some crypto and keep it in your wallet. It will grow this year. The second step is to have some AI trading bots – theyre not an easy to implement technology but they’re worthwile.

I will keep recording videos in the future The third step is to start learning and experimenting with smart contracts – Tron blockchain is cheap to use so I would recommend starting there.

Ethereum is much more popular but transaction fees are extremly high at the moment.

The last step is to add some passive income platforms that are risky but if you have at least 3 of them then you are protected much better from one of them disappearing I will continue investigating, analyzing and bringing you news both good and bad.

Wishing you success

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The best time to make money from passive income is now!

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