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qubittech review

QubitTech Review

Another interesting platform that started in 2020 – its time for QubitTech review.

This is a platform not even 5 months old (started in the middle of 2020) but already so developed that its simply shocking how they managed to pull off so many things in so little time.

Many offices opened around the world (Russia, Ukraine, Mexico) digital licenses launched, trading robots, very big team with one main CEO (Greg Limon), big plans (QPhone), extra sources of income (Casino, cryptocurrency buying website), conferences planned – in one word – swag.

Looks like a company which is 5 years on the market, not 5 months.

So as usual let’s focus on 2 main points – the owner and how are they making money. Greg Lemon is a well known guy in cryptosphere, he’s not exactly a big name but he has some history and apparently 3 IPO’s (I could sort of find one of them), he was mostly know working for company called Digimax.

The important part for me is that I could find quite a few videos with him (mostly from qubittech) and that he was really good at answering questions – he really knows his thing.

Will he be able to run smoothly such a big company? Time will tell, at least the rest of the team is also knowledgeable so hope that they will help sort out any issues.

Now lets get to trading proof – or where the money is from. I couldn’t find exact figures, statements or trading videos unfortunately and that’s a big question mark here.

The only thing they show is daily returns (around 0.8% average recently) and their account on TradingView with some signals but that’s not showing what trades they’re actually doing.

So for me at the moment it’s a company that I definitely want to give a try, but not going to invest a lot – probably get up to the $1000 license and get the free Robot and wait couple months to see how the company develops.

Watch this space as I will update with latest news and progress, also checkout my videos to stay up to date about QubitTech.



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