Mirror Trading International

Important Announcement


Mirror Trading International Exit Scammed

Johan Steynberg is misssing (on the run), the company’s team haven’t got access to our money,

withdrawals are stopped and deposits are blocked.


Please login to your account and take screenshots of deposits, and all sections with your money clearly showing. 

Mirror Trading International



MTI is a project created in South Africa by Johann Steynberg. It was built out of frustration and disappointment after the CEO and his friends were loosing money in other scam programs.

It was created in mid-2019 and has since worked flawlessly. Its main characteristic is that its Bitcoin only – pay in money in Bitcoin and it is multiplied as Bitcoin also.

Its very easy to use – as the amount of money is compounding daily by itself so you can forget it exists and it will grow by itself.

You can withdraw all the money anytime you want and there are no hidden fees for withdrawing and it usually takes less than 24 hours to receive the money.

So far in 2020 the average daily return was 0.3% so about 8% per month. In 2019 it was over 10% average per month.

It has been so far the most stable and amazing program I have encountered and with daily trading proof it will be hard to find a better one.


All explanation is in the catchy phrase they invented: MTI – Grow your Bitcoin!





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