mirror trading international exit scam
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Mirror Trading International Game Over

By Lucas

Dec 25, 2020

I never imagined i will say it but Mirror Trading International exit scammed

In fact it was a scam since the beginning as there was only 1 person that had access to withdrawals, broker and the website development team.

Utterly shocking.

1 Guy with all control and the whole ‘Corporate’ team blindly followed him without rasing questions

The stories about previous broker having nothing to do with MTI were actually true.

After that broker story came out MTI changed to a new broker that now turns out was run by Johan Steynberg himself!

And the website has been wiped out overnight.

Now that’s a punchline!

There was apparently over 23,000 Bitcoin in MTI’s possession, how much of it was fake we will probably never know

Don’t expect to get any withdrawal or any money anytime soon

If Johan doesn’t come clean within the next couple days then it will take years to hunt him down and bring to justice.

I honestly trusted him as he started this platform because he was scammed before.

How big of a liar and psychopath do you have to be to say those things without blinking and in the end you’re doing exactly same thing to over 170,000 people?


  • Johann Steynberg is missing but his wife Nerina doesn’t want to file a missing person’s report (hence he’s gone AWOL on purpose)
  • Noone from the big MTI “corporate” team has access to our money (nor ever had, all was in fact run by 1 man)
  • The team got access to website developer team after paying them $45,000 just to be able to stop deposits from people (so no more people can loose their money)
  • There was always only 1 person (Johann) with access to the most important part of the busniess – bank accounts, broker and website developer team
  • The new broker Trade300 that was introduced couple months ago was in fact run by Johann himself and now the website is wiped out. (https://trade300.com/)
  • Johann’s wife Nerina obviously knew everything and why is she still there is beyond me as she will be in jail soon (shoul’ve run away like Johann)
  • 23,000 Bitcoin in MTI is probably fake, daily statements are fake, the only question is was it fake from the start or something has gone horribly wrong during the time
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