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Mirror Trading International and Finalmente Global Aftermath

By Lucas

Jan 15, 2021

Big update just in about Finalmente – fill out the form from my telegram and send it by email

No need to register on the RAG website – just go there and read all news about MTI and Finalmente

I found letter from Johan dated 24th december that I havent seen before – its a weird one where he praises MTI team for running the platform, admits that the bot never actually made any profit, says that top leaders made him continue and fake the results and in the end promotes a new scam of Cheri Marks.

I really hope for him that its made up by someone, not written by him.

And we also have a webiste made by anonymous hackers group that you can literally access each account on MTI and check how much money they have taken out, I wonder if some people will come forward and deny it or admit that its true.

And last but not least there is a screenshot from facebook that apparently Kobus is cooperating and is handing over the access and awaiting further proceedings.

We will see about that.

The second part is how to get up from this painful experience – it won’t be easy, it won’t be fast but this time I will do it correctly for the long term (and hope you will too)

The diversification I always mentioned has to go way more than it did so far 1.

1. Buy some coins and keep them in the wallet.

This year they will grow a lot, just keep them and wait. Best ones – BTC, ETH, LINK, LTC, UNI, ADA, TRX 2.

2. API trading bots – the ones that only can trade for you but you control your funds in your exchange.

Wick hunter:

3. Smart contracts built on ethereum and tron blockchains – very new, very interesting.

No CEO, no owner, just a contract that cannot be changed.

A lot to learn but possibly the most exciting thing in 2021.

4. Passive income platforms – lets not give up yet but keep it diversified and very safe. Wiseling, QubitTech and CashFX are currently safest ones and I will be looking for more.

First invest in safest from top to bottom, leave the most risky at the end of your goals. We will recover, we will get up, we will overcome this.

passive freedom crypto income lucas maciek banner

The best time to make money from passive income is now!

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