Mind Capital

Important Announcement

Mind Capital started experiencing problems with their main product – Crypto Arbitrage in mid November 2020.

The profits dropped significantly but the platform is still working.

Also new deposits have been stopped for now.

Hopefully they will resolve the issues soon.


Base Deposit Locked


Automatic Compounding

Minimum deposit in $


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Binary First Level

Mind Capital

Mind Capital is a project created in Spain by Gonzalo García-Pelayo. He is a famous enterpreneur.

It was created in mid-2019 and has since worked flawlessly. Its main characteristic is that withdrawals are instant and daily profits are high.

Its very easy to use – you deposit a minimum of $40 (that amount is locked for 90 days) and then let it grow daily. You can withdraw when your profit reaches $50.

The deposit is in Bitcoin but later its converted to MC Coin which is equivalent to Dollar. 1 MC Coin = 1 Dollar

You can withdraw the profit money very fast but they will take blockchain fees. You will have to also pay extra when sending money so be careful to send the exact amount as they specify

So far in 2020 the average daily return was 0.55% per day so about 12% per month. Its a very good return.

The money is being grown by trading arbitrage bot – they buy for example Bitcoin on one exchange and sell it quickly on another where the price is higher. That’s how they make profit

If you invite someone you will gain daily 8% of that person’s profit (1st level).

It is a very solid platform that didn’t have any issue during crisis in 2020 and kept same returns all the time


Mind Capital – Passion for Crypto


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