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How to spot a passive income scam – Robotop, Moons Coin, AX Trader Review

By Lucas

Jan 15, 2021

A first tutorial on how to spot a scam featuring Robotop, Moonscoin limited, AX trader, block-bank (already exit scammed)

There are couple rules that I follow when checking for a scam: The depth of the website and something special about it, the owner and the team, amount of extra content on social media explaining the company principles and last but not least how I feel about it personally.

If there is a generic run of the mill website promising huge returns then you know that you’re looking at scam.

Basically always assume its a scam until proven otherwise.

Thats why for me blockbank was a scam that took me 30 seconds to spot, same is with robotop and moonscoin.

AX trader has a little bit more going for it (more social networks than your standard telegram + youtube) but its still far from being convincing or resembling something real.

Practice your skills by going to the website and start clicking, reading and learning.

When you see more and more websites that exit scammed – you will be ready for the next one.

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The best time to make money from passive income is now!

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