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Important Announcement


Finalmente Global Exit Scammed ON 6TH OF jANUARY 2021

All we get is this statement:


Dear Members,

It is with heavy heart that we have to inform you that due to the demise of MTI, we too, have lost a substantial amount of money, not only due to the investment we have/had with them but also the revenue stream of advertising.

As most of you know our business was advertising based, MTI being one of our largest clients in that aspect of our business. Due to the false impression of our association with MTI a large portion of our other clients have also cancelled our mandate.

Due to this we have lost a substantial portion of our income, as a result we are no longer lucrative enough to continue trading and we have had to retrench our staff and suspend all further trade.

This website will be suspended for an indefinite period. We will keep you advised of any further developments.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

With regret,
Management Finalmente Global (Pty) Ltd


Finalmente Global Review


Finalmente was created by Kobus van der Merwe in South Africa in mid-2019.

Finalmente means ‘finally’ and that’s the reason why the company was created – to finally have passive income without being scammed.

Initially it was only a group of friends that decided to have passive income but after seeing that it works well and brings around 10% per week profit they decided to share it with the world.

The project is based on lending plans – they are asking us to lend them our crypto assets (currently bitcoin only) and they will multiply that.

Some plans bring 7% per week profit which is honestly huge and I’m worried that its not entirely sustainable. On a good note – the plans profit changes from time to time to accommodate any changes in company’s ability to make profits.

There is not a lot of proof how they are making profit as its from various sources (like buying advertising in bulk and selling to businesses at higher price). Please watch videos on their YouTube to decide if its a good project for you – Finalmente YouTube

Example cheapest lending plan has entry of 0.001 Bitcoin (around $10) and runs for a week giving you 6% return. Huge but you have to remember that after that period most of the money is not easily withdrawable, only the profit.

If you want to withdraw your money you need to put it into a special Capital Withdrawal Notice plan that will run for 2 weeks and will give you extra 12% return.

You will have to also pay 1% when you want to withdraw.

The binary plan is low with 3% only for 1st level which is bad for people building teams but good to show that company is not focused on binary plan (typical for ponzi schemes) but rather on making money elsewhere

Its a very exciting project with good leadership and big team but there is not a lot of proof of income, money can’t be withdrawn straight away and it will take more time to see if they can continue paying out those huge profits.


Finalmente Global – Success is easy


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