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Finalmente Global Exit Scam

By Lucas

Jan 15, 2021

This one hit right where it hurts.

No signs, no red flags, no preparartion – just a smack int the head out of nowhere.

How are these complanies really run, what errors were made, did I miss anything, any clues, any signs?

Just lost 2 bitcoin in finalmente which is an enormous amount of money and I dont wish this kind of feeling to anyone.

I just red people getting withdrawals in their wallets, I was waiting for mine, that one will never arrive.

Website gone, telegram group deleted, surely covering their tracks well.

Before they were separating themselves from Mirror Trading International, now blaming the whole situation on them, how convenient.

We will probably never find out the whole truth but let’s hope we can learn something from it.

Either way there are 2 choices – leave this space and never come back or continue fighting hoping that we can still end up with profit.

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