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Daisy AI Tron For Beginners – Introduction

By Lucas

Jan 1, 2021

Daisy is a new platform built on Tron blockchain smart contract.

There is no owner or CEO, the code is executed automatically and profits are distributed according to that.

Its truly revolutionary as so far most Tron platforms were chains.

To start please download Klever wallet and start using it and topup Tron cryptocurrency


Daisy has many tiers starting with $100 then this money is split into 2 equal parts, one goes into trading (done by Endotech) and the other goes to daisy fund that will help develop the trading bots and also to binary structure.

From the trading platform 85% of profits is going to your wallet and 15% is going towards paying Endotech for using the trading bots.

So all you have to do before launch is to decide the entry Tier (pack) you want to purchase.

Prepare your funds and fund your wallet with tron (TRX).


I would appreciate if you use my affiliate links, we could build a team together:

https://bit.ly/daisytelegram – link will be here as soon as I get it

Wishing you success

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