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cash fx review

Cash FX Review

Cash FX is an online academy where you purchase a trading course. 


Other part of the business is making profits on company’s activity in the ForEx market.


Cash FX is a very long time project now (since 2019) with solid performance.




The system is based on trading packs that will double in value and expire (300 pack will make returns until it reaches 600)

But the cool thing is that you can upgrade to higher pack before your current one runs out and avoid paying full price (for 500 pack upgrade you only pay 200 difference and not full 500)

You can only upgrade from money coming fro moutside so you can first withdraw and then deposit again.

They do that because withdrawal incurrs 20% fee but that is going to be spread to the team. So you gain by not paying full price and the system gains by getting extra bonuses.


Returns are around 1% per day Monday-Friday when company trades on Forex exchanges.

Usally 25% per month can be achieved.

You can check live TV broadcast in your backoffice with current trades.

So is it a ponzi? While there is a lot of focus on building teams you can actually go ahead and just passively earn with it.

There is a lot of transparency about owners and traders and also the broker they use (EverFX) which is an external company.

It looks really solid and the fact its on the market for so long only adds to the transparency.

I would appreciate if you use my affiliate links, we could build a team together:


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Wishing you success




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