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Cash FX Review – Watch this before joining

By Lucas

Feb 6, 2021

Cash FX is already 2 years on the market so its finally time for me to try it 🙂

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The beginning

There were many moments that I nearly joined but there was always something more important.

Its now time to add it to my portfolio as a long term platform (100% ROI in about 4 months) and possibly keep growing.

I want to add it mostly because of how long it is on the market, how steady it is and how many things were delivered that were promised (new headquaters and copy trading)

So there is already a long term proof that this is something real (Doesnt mean that something will not happen to it).

The product

The main product is trading academy and you can invest from $300 in the first pack to start. Returns are around 1% per day Monday-Friday.

And it will work until it reaches 2x of your pack (so until $600 in case of $300 pack)

Withdrawals unfortunately incur 20% fee that is actually spread as binary bonus and not taken by Cash FX. So is it a ponzi?

While there is a lot of focus on building teams you can actually go ahead and just passively earn with it.


There is a lot of transparency about owners and traders and also the broker they use (EverFX) which is an external company.

It looks really solid and the fact its on the market for so long only adds to the transparency

I would appreciate if you use my affiliate links, we could build a team together:


Hope you enjoyed my CashFX Review  – let me know if you have any questions

✉ Telegram Chat –

Wishing you success


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