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Bitero review – Be very careful 😱

By Lucas

Dec 20, 2020


I wasn’t sure if I should do the review as there is so much hype about this platform and a lot of happy people getting withdrawals all the time.

But I’ve been in so many scams so far that I cannot stand and watch innocent people loosing their life’s savings with this platform.

The facts

So far there is nothing positive to say about it, calling it risky would be an understatement. The documents available are only from UK incorporation that can be done in 10 minutes.

Website is very well design but there are many companies specializing in this and it really doesn’t cost more than 1000 dollars.

Returns are extremely high and fixed (that’s a bad sign) – 2% per day Monday-Friday and 1% on Weekends, thats 12% per week and 48% per month!

There is absolutely no proof of profits, no statements, no trading videos, nothing. The team is 1 actor + 3 photos downloaded from internet with absolutely no history.

YouTube channel consists of 2 (two) videos both with the ‘CEO’ – already seen the same story on many occasions

If they make more videos, with more teammembers present and with more transparency and details then maybe I will give it more credibility.

My Take

If you really want to invest then do so at your own decision, withdraw money as soon as you can and only gample with profits later.

Let’s see how long this one lasts, I don’t think it will be here by March 2021 (around 6 months from launch) Wishing you success

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