Bankroll Flow


Base Deposit Locked


Automatic Compounding

Minimum deposit in $


Daily Profit Average


Proof of Trading


Binary First Level

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Bankroll Flow Review

Basic principles are very simple – whatever money you pay in you will receive back 1% per day to a total of 125%. Thats it, no hidden things, no plans, no extras.

So where’s the catch? Well there is none – the only thing that can go wrong is if the BNKRX token drops in value but with new people joining there is no worry about that.

Bankroll flow was created to give people cashflow. 

You can Roll or Claim each day. Roll is like reinvesting (compounding) and Claim serves as withdrawal

So the idea is to keep Rolling and withdraw when you need money to spend.

 When you use my link and paste it inside the wallet’s browser you need to scroll to ‘Buddy’ section and click on ‘Buddy Detected’ and then ‘Update’ to become part of my team and receive airdrops in the future.

You need to use Tron wallet for this (like TronLink or Klever) as there is no registration, no login – your wallet is your login.

You need to buy Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency and then inside Bankroll press on get BNKRX and buys some BNKRX with Tron, go back to Flow and deposit

Social project unlike any other Worthy addition to our portfolio to create 7 sources of income this year – have some cryptocoins, trade with robots, and couple platforms like this.

I would appreciate if you use my affiliate links, we could build a team together:


Wishing you success



Join Bankroll Flow now – You have to be using Tron wallet (like Klever) when you press the button below. Please check Klever link and install it first.

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