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Bankroll Flow Review – New Era of Tron Smart Contract – 365% RETURN

By Lucas

Jan 30, 2021

Bankroll flow is a new wave of tron smart contract that honestly has the potential to revolutionise the cryptocurrency space

The basics

Basic principles are very simple – whatever money you pay in you will receive back 1% per day for 365 days to a total of 365%.

Thats it, no hidden things, no plans, no extras.

Compared to QubitTech that gives total of 250% that’s a massively bigger amount.

The details

So where’s the catch? Well there is none – the only thing that can go wrong is if the BNKRX token drops in value but with new people joining there is no worry about that.

Current Bankroll Extended token price (BNKRX):

Actually the token price dropped recently a lot and its a great time to ‘buy-in’ and have the extra benefit of its appreciation.

The tokenomics

If you look at this and understand the idea and execution – this is truly something unique.

Social project unlike any other.

Worthy addition to our portfolio to create 7 sources of income this year – have some coins, trade with robots, and couple platforms like this.

Keep learning, asking questions and challenging everything and you will be financially free and nothing will affect that.

I would appreciate if you use my affiliate links, we could build a team together:


you need to use Tron wallet like Tron Link and when you copy the link inside the browser make sure to click on the buddy update to be part of my team.

Wishing you success


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