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How Blockchain Works

Blockchain is a technology that will soon revolutionize the world.

The biggest benefit is the so called – Decentralization – which means that there is no single entity controlling your money (like today’s banks) but rather a system of interconnected machines that remember each transaction that anyone makes.

They take each transaction and put it inside a block (ledger) and then connect it to other blocks (creating a chain of blocks) – hence the name – Blockchain

Noone can modify those already created blocks and that is what makes it so secure – noone can modify it. 

That benefit means that you control your own money and not the bank. So there is no possibility of not being able to withdraw your funds if a bank has some problems.

All cryptocurrencies are built on Blockchain, the best and the first one being Bitcoin.

Check the link below for example of Bitcoin Blockchain transactions  

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Are You Looking To Dive Into Crypto?

How to buy Cryptocurrency?

Crypto is the future. Its that simple.

There is no other thing that has such potential at the moment, no other asset class that will grow 10x in the next couple years.

And its not as difficult to understand as it seems. If you don’t understand how it works then start simple, open your own wallet and buy small amount of Bitcoin (can be $10 only) and see how it works.

Example wallet that I use for a long time is Wirex, below is my affiliate link, I would appreciate if you use it and if you register and top up account then we will both get $5 free.

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Crypto Passive Income is the future.

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